Maura | Yoga

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I love saying hi to the sun when she peaks her eye over the ocean. I feel a little spoiled because I grew up only minutes from the ocean and my old studio in MA was less than a 5 minute ride to the coast. Yesterday at 4:30am I rolled into Newburyport to get ready for shooting at the sunrise out on Plum Island. Capturing imagery at that time of day is my absolute favorite. Sunset is fun, but as the sun sets it keeps getting darker. At sunrise, you start out with beautiful light and it just keeps growing and growing until it overtakes you. It's the start of something brand new and fresh and full of exciting adventures. Who knows what will happen? It's often a struggle to convince folks to schedule their sessions that early but for the select few that do, they are heavily rewarded.

Maura just moved up to Portland, ME and is teaching at a couple of studios there while she gets her brand new online presence all set up. All you yogis in the area, drop her a line - she's specializing in private and individual sessions... imagine tailoring your practice specifically to you.


  1. Thanks for sharing, Eric! I'm going to have to get in touch with Maura and see where she teaches!

  2. breathtaking Eric and well worth the 4am waking. She's in Portland? How do I contact her. I have been thinking it's time to start practicing again.