Sarah and Jonathan's Backyard Summer Wedding

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Aaah! We LOVE to make out. We love to dance (we're doing a secret dance in the middle of the wedding that NO ONE knows about). We're love our friends, food and our families.

Sometimes, if you’re really lucky, you get to create imagery of someone preparing for their wedding in the room they grew up in. Once in a very long while you may get lucky enough to make images of a bride getting married in the back yard she grew up in. That is something special. In fact, it’s quite extraordinary. This is where Sarah married Jonathan. All the people and memories of her past were there to greet her as she embarked on he next phase of her journey.

The best thing about shooting in somebody's backyard is that virtually everything in the frame becomes context. I can let my mind relax when it comes to cropping out exit signs or a piece of art that has no relevance to the couple in the frame. All the textures, the colors, the shingles, the childhood pictures on the wall... they all have meaning and deepen the images in a way that strengthens the story and visual narrative. Whenever I get an inquiry that mentions they will be getting married at a place that has that much intensive significance, my interest is instantly piqued.


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