Sarah and Jonathan's Barn Rehearsal Dinner

Thursday, March 14, 2013

One of my favorite things about the type of couples that I get to work with is the prolonged experiences we share. Take Sarah and Jonathan for instance. So far I have photographed them on four separate occasions and I have a feeling that we’re just getting started...

I always appreciate being asked to document the full celebration of folks. It places the day into context and sets a framework around the wedding day itself, where everything is going 100mph. It's the calm before the storm or the release after the big day. Before their rehearsal dinner, I went to scout out the ceremony site to shoot a little before heading over to the barn. Their rehearsal dinner was lovely, laid back, will many lovely toasts and tributes and celebration of heritage and legacy. There were songs by grandparents, stories about aunts and uncles, and of course, a tribute to that great state of Texas than Jonathan hails from. BBQ and a big ass flag.


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