Nicole and Elias at Appleton Farm

Monday, April 1, 2013

We seek the joy by appreciating the little things like sharing a good bottle of wine or how you can see the sunset from the fire escape; by never hesitating to say i love you, by dreaming about our future, by spending time with our family and friends and by not taking ourselves to seriously.

Nicole is one of three sisters. The night before the wedding I had all these crazy dreams about Checkhov's play and craziness ensuing during the ceremony and celebration. Thankfully, none of it came to pass. Trust me - it would have been a mess. If you've read or seen the play, you know what I am talking about.

We began the day in Reading, MA in Nicole's childhood home then rolled right down the street to their church. It was a full on service, which is always fun to shoot because it lasts longer than the typical 8 minute outdoor shindig. It allows you to really dig in to structure and work and rework compositions. A welcome reprieve. After the ceremony was over we all hoped over a couple of towns to a lovely apple orchard and barn where we celebrated the night away among friends, music, and merriment.


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