Liz and Kyle Together in Echo Park

Thursday, June 6, 2013

So a while back, you may remember, I worked with a delightful couple, Dan and Marcy in the streets of Boston. They got their images back and were so psyched that they gave the Christmas gift of a Together Session to Marcy's sister and brother in law who were out in Echo Park, CA. I happened to be out in California during February so I set up a time with Liz and Kyle to shoot around their quirky neighborhood.

So I show up at their apartment to meet them and head out for our adventure and it turns out, their kitchen is outside. And it's AMAZING. I've never thought of placing something like your kitchen outside, but they I realized that they don't get quite the same winters that we get here in the northeast and it all made sense. Anyways. Shoot hadn't even started yet and already my mind is blown. By an outside kitchen. It's the little things that get me, really.

So we wandered all around Echo Park, up and down the hills that would give San Francisco a run for its money. We even swung by this place called RandyLand. These two are both finishing up architecture school and have the most mellow vibe of anyone you'll meet. It was a really lovely afternoon called off with them showing me their really amazing 3D printer. At least I think that's what it was. They use it to build models... And confectionery treats :)


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