Liz and Mike - A Summer Wedding in Richmond, Virginia

Friday, December 20, 2013

Just a little bit ago, I was able to document the delightful summer wedding of Liz and Mike in Richmond, Virginia. Occasionally I'm not permitted inside the church so I miss out on documenting the ceremony itself [it's not because I'm a heathen, though I probably am a heathen] but I'm always on the hunt- especially in those cases- for interesting transition shots - something that gets us into and out of the ceremony in a particularly striking fashion. Liz and Mike and the sunlight did not disappoint. The ceremony was held at St. Stevens in Richmond and the reception was at The Commonwealth Club. The day began at the bride's childhood home and I have to say, it's so delightful when people prepare in a place that has brings with it its own history and legacy. Everything becomes context and the images deepen and thicken with layers and meaning.


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