Briana + Grant - A Quick Stroll and Some Portraits in LA

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bri and Grant actually met and started the whole courting process out in southern California so despite the fact that their wedding is in Rhode Island this summer, it was only fitting we shoot their Together Session out in Santa Monica. We strolled along, visited the beach, randomly met Brianna's cousin out for a jog, and met this quirky sommelier at their favorite wine place. All in all, fun day in the California sunshine.

Also, that morning I ate breakfast with Owen Wilson. Well, not with Owen Wilson. He was actually just standing next to me in line. But he did glance in my direction and say, "oh wow, eric laurits, right? Man, can I get a quick picture?" I obliged while I was waiting for my breakfast sandwich on an English Muffin and he left a happy and changed man. Wait. No, that's not right. But he was next to me in line. That part I remember.


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