Island Life :: The Anderson Family on Winnipesaukee

Friday, February 14, 2014

The sparsely populated corners of Lake Winnipesaukee are magical places. On a lake that can be a little crowded due to the convenience of its location, there are still pieces that feel like wilderness. Mom picked me up at a pier in their Grady-White and took me across some insanely rough waters - maybe the choppiest I've seen on the lake - but when we got to their island it was silent. A beautiful fall day for a walk through the woods, some quality swing time, fishing with dad, fetch with the pup, and cuddling on the dock with mom after a swim. We were alone in the world with not a care in our mind. We all have our special spaces and retreats. For some it's a museum, some it's the backyard, some it's a corner of the apartment, the mountains, the woods... we all have our place. Your silence is always there when you need it.

boat rides!