Sam + Mandy: Portraits on a Farm

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I try not to gush about my clients. It's weird and kind of unprofessional. I was on the verge about breaking that rule with these two... but I'll hold myself back :] I've known Sam since we were very young - fellow Camp Belknappers - and getting the call to document the next milestone in his life, with his beloved Mandy, was an extra special treat. I drove out to Mandy's farm in Connecticut to shoot a little bit of them with their amazing pup, breathtaking horses, and even their Cannondales [they are both SICK bikers and, in fact, work in the industry.] Just wait until you see their wedding. End gush.


  1. Someone call Hillary Benjamin! Rapha need these shots. So too does Dover Saddlery!