The MacInnes Family at Hewitt Hill Farm in Vermont.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

I've been looking forward to introducing you to the MacInnes family for a while. They've become some of my best friends in the world and this won't be the last time you see them. I stop in every now and again to document their family as they are growing older in some of the places that are the most important to them. Watching them grow as a family gives me hope for humanity.

This first shoot that we had together was at Hewitt Hill Farm up in Vermont. Fall. Vermont. Gush. Our day was filled with traversing the grounds on a miraculous day as well as filled with the Sunday regulars - ping pong, cards that apparently only Lila knows the rules to, a brand new puppy, and whatever that upside down piggy back thing is... all in a day's work.


  1. these are so lovely, eric. when looking through them, I felt like I was a part of the family.