Jennifer + Ben | A Fall Wedding in New England

Friday, June 27, 2014

This wedding kicked off an 8 wedding month, something I was both excited for but also brought with it a certain sense of foreboding. You see, I love fall. I love New England. When you combine them I am pretty much unreachable until winter rolls around. Actually, you'll have a hard time tracking me down in winter also. But we are talking about fall here and the fall that set the stages for a series of enlightening events.

Ben wins the 'cried the most this year' award. It's not awarded to a specific gender, it just goes to the person who displays the most waterworks during the day. And Ben won. By a landslide. He was also my second English lad of the year. Jenn is a stunning performer and sang the most touching song during the celebration accompanied by one of the areas best big band. We all swung the night away and toasted to many years of health, joy, and reflection. In a word? Enriching.


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