Connie and Tony at a Rainy Country Club in PA

Thursday, August 14, 2014

I have known Connie ever since I shot her headshots way back in 2008. In reality that is just a couple of years ago but everything that has transpired since then, well, it seems like we have been friends forever. We have been in and out of each other's lives since and I was, of course, just elated to get a call from a giggly girl telling me to pencil her in for the entire year while she and her soon to be, some English fella she called Tony. Turns out he's a total stud, killer soccer player, and can charm the pants off anything wearing pants.

So I headed up to York, PA for their weekend celebration. Interesting side note. I was driving down there and following my gps - imagine my surprise when the lady that lives inside my phone directed me to the huge prison down the street instead of my hotel. I pulled up to the front gate and asked where check in was but the security officer was not amused. He didn't even chuckle. I thought I was brightening up his day but apparently you don't joke around when you're surrounded by criminals. Whatever.

Plus while I was down there I got to see Three Mile Island. So there was that, too.

my darling friend and me


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