Jonathan and Gary in New York City

Monday, August 4, 2014

I don't shoot a lot of city weddings. Truth be told, I usually only take one or two per year. Not that I don't love them... cities are exciting, full of visual interest, and there's no shortage of chaos. I'm just not quite a city person and by the end of the weekend I so worn through I usually need a week or so to recover - can be a little tricky when you're in the middle of shooting season. But on to these guys... Gary and Jonathan are two incredible gentlemen with a beautiful relationship. Crossing cultures is something that I notice to be accelerated in high density populations like cities and especially in New York. I showed up early and documented the day, from rolling out of bread for breakfast to preparing together for their day, through the entire celebration. It was really something incredible to behold - a city wedding in every sense of the phrase.


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