Marissa and Nick and a Rainy Summer Celebration

Monday, September 8, 2014

I documented Marissa's twin sister when she got married a few years ago and it was an absolute joy to be there with the family again as their second daughter was married. The event took place at the Essex Retreat Center up on the North Shore of Massachusetts. You know what they say, rain is only liquid sunshine...

We seek the joy by remaining open to experiences. Our whole relationship began by taking friendship to a place that was risky and adventuresome, as we were friends for 9 years before we realized we wanted to take things further. Our relationship started by driving out and making a life in a new city. We got engaged on top of a mountain after 19 days backpacking (it was Marissa's first time doing so). We aren't afraid of allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, and we support each other as we take on these experiences.


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