Chillary - A Sunny Summer Wedding on Martha's Vineyard

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Chris and Hillary had a lovely celebration on a summer afternoon out on Martha's Vineyard. Interesting side note: there was a crazy hurricane going on the day before and the only way to get to the island is a ferry... holy moley. Never been so seasick in my life.

As cliche´ as it sounds, we love to travel. The feeling you get being in someplace new, out of your comfort zone, perhaps having no idea what is being said in the native tongue, the smells, the food, the is what makes us feel the most alive. Then there are the places that are our "happy places", places we can come back to again and again and feel a sense of peace and home. Martha's Vineyard is one of those places for us, especially Edgartown. We're so happy to have friends and family be able to enjoy one of our "happy places" for our wedding. And most importantly, laughter. There is nothing that can bond strangers together more than a good, hearty laugh. Chris and I enjoy making others laugh and truly appreciate all of the laughter that we can enjoy ourselves. In sad times laughter can be the one thing to make your heart seem a little lighter and in joyful times there is no better sound.


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