Courtney and Jason on the Train

Thursday, October 2, 2014

I will let Courtney and Jason's thoughts regarding joy provide the text for this collection of images from their special day.

Joy is not elusive. It's not transient. It's not picky. In fact, joy is omnipresent; though perhaps it's hard to find sometimes, living in the cracks between responsibilities, commitments and "not enough time in the day".

I'm not so sure one 'seeks' joy as much as one 'realizes' joy – in all its forms, in all its moments.

To wake up each morning and have the goal to make someone smile or laugh even when it means you may have to laugh at yourself.

Sharing silly conversations about things that don't really matter, but let's be honest, who doesn't want to know whether squirrels poop standing on two legs or four?

Being accepted and welcomed into a family that isn't your own and being treated like a son, daughter, sister, brother.

Having the knowledge that your family will be there to support you emotionally when times get tough, and cheer for you when taking on and completing a challenge or reaching a goal.

Slowing down enough to enjoy the comfortable silences and allowing the world to fall away when you're together with your best friend and companion.

Having a partner in crime. Always there. Always ready to set off on some damned fool adventure.

Taking time each morning to capture the image in your mind of the one you love, sleeping peacefully, curled around your favorite pet. Keeping that image with you all day as you deal with the general ups and downs of daily life and knowing that when you return home it will be to welcoming arms, a big smile, and time together.

That's joy. It's patient. It's constant. You need only stop and realize it is there. Strip away all the stress and obstacles of life and never take these simple things for granted – you'll see that you never really have to seek the joy, it's already there…waiting for you to realize it.


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