Hot, Sweaty, and Awesome - July 4th in Greenwich

Monday, February 2, 2015

I'm not sure exactly how to tell you how hot it was. Almost too hot to have a wedding. Almost. These two have Australia in their veins, despite getting married in Katharine's childhood backyard. Also, these two have the most partyhardy friends I have ever met.

I would say we love nothing more than to be together and surrounded by our friends and family, so this day is so special for us. With so many people flying in from around the world, it is a rare opportunity to have so many of these close friends together. We both believe in the bigger picture in life, and try not to sweat the small things. We both always try to help others before ourselves and try to be the each others support system day in and day out. We are the true meaning of best friends, and its amazing to have that friendship with our relationship combined. From the snowy mountains of Aspen where we met, to the stunning beaches of Sydney, we have lived in very different places and our relationship has only grown and prospered. We both have very worldly views and love to travel, so we look forward to seeking the joy with friends and family around the world from this day forward.


  1. You have a unique ability to capture amazing moments that happen during the wedding day. A skill that is clearly developed by experience! Great job!